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The Stannah Outdoor stairlift is a practical solution for those who want access to their driveway, deck or yard. Quickly fastened to a few of the stair treads, the Outdoor stairlift is easier to install than a ramp and takes up much less room. The Outdoor stairlift was designed to withstand both hot and cold climates, and has a good track record in locations as diverse as Sweden and Mildura, Victoria. The Outdoor stairlift also comes with a protective cover, key lock and a hardline remote control.

Key features & benefits

  • Comfortable, safe, reliable – ensure external stairs are not an issue again
  • Weather resistant – built to withstand heavy rain, dusty wind and salt-laden sea-breezes, operable from 14°F to 105°F. Supplied with a cover to guard against ice and snow
  • Slim and neat – designed to fold neatly away when not in use
  • Securely fastens to stair treads – including concrete, solid wood, steel or solid stone
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Upholstery color

  • Outdoor stairlift grey swatch

Suitable for / Dimensions

Width Folded: 332.5mm
Width Unfolded: 646.5mm
Maximum Load: 135kg

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What our experts say about the Outdoor

“The Outdoor unit is one of my favorite models. It’s durable, reliable and able to handle harsh winter weather and extreme heat. We even throw in a protective cover to keep small critters away!”

Key benefits

Weather resistant

The Stannah Model 320 outdoor stairlift is built to withstand heavy rain, dusty wind and salt-laden sea-breezes.

Winter use

For winter use our outdoor stairlift can be used in temperatures as cold as 14°F (-10°C).


This stairlift can be installed on concrete, solid wood, steel, solid stone or brick.

Seat belt

A rugged seat belt adds security, and can be used to strap cargo onto the chair when, for instance, bringing groceries indoors.

Easy controls

Operate the stairlift by pushing a control on the armrest in the direction of travel.

Swivel seat

On arrival at the top landing, the seat swivels to face away from the stairs. The seat-back acts as a barrier across the stairs.

Call or send

Locking controls on the chair and on each landing prevent unauthorized used.

Safety features

All Stannah stairlifts can detect obstructions on the stairs and will stop immediately.

Folds away

Provide room for people walking up and down the stairs by folding the Stannah Outdoor away when not in use.

Protective cover

For long-term storage, a strong cover keeps leaves, snow or salt-spray off the chair.

Outdoor Detailed Specification


- Width Folded: 332.5mm
- Width Unfolded: 646.5mm
- Min Seat Height: 485mm
- Max Seat Height: 535mm

Maximum load

Maximum one person up to 135kg

By code the stairlift is structurally strong enough to hold 5x that load, but should not be used to carry more than the load.

Power specifications

Do we need to have a power supply or is it run off a battery?
Our stairlifts are battery powered, but we will require an outlet either at the top or bottom of the stairs to keep it charged. Our electricians will make sure it is in the best place prior to installation.

What happens in a power cut?
As the stairlift is battery powered it will continue to work even if your home loses power.

How long does the battery in a Stannah stairlift last?
Depending on usage, your battery should last between 3 to 5 years.
How do the batteries recharge?
All Stannah straight rail stairlifts have a continual charge.

Safety specifications

- Seatbelt
- Safety sensors
- On/off switch

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